As we get further into 2017, we have noticed the consistent drop off of consumer interest in the mid-size sedan segment, as a rise in the sport utility vehicle segment is equally apparent. Only a few years ago, the mid-size segment was killing the game, with just about every automaker trying to get in on the action. Nowadays, it’s quite the opposite, where the segment seems to be imploding in on itself.


At the moment, the only car in the mid-size sedan segment that actually saw a rise in sales was the Honda Accord, with a 0.8 percent increase during the month of May. Every other car in the segment saw much fewer sales than what they did the previous year. The majority of cars in the segment saw a drop off of double-digit percentages last month. For the year thus far, the numbers for the segment are even more drastically down. The Accord is down by 7.3 percent, while the former reigning champ of car sales, the Toyota Camry, has dropped by 11.8 percent. 


The reason for the drop in mid-size sedan segment could be in part due to the recent rise in the crossover segment. Crossovers of all sizes have been enjoying a pretty great year in sales. Nissan’s Rogue shot up in sales by 18.6 percent during May, and the Armada saw a crazy sales increase of 213 percent. Chevrolet’s compact Trax increased in sales by 21 percent in May, and similarly, Ford’s Explorer saw a boost of 20.7 percent.


The mid-size sedan is far from dead, though, since it still does strong volume, but who knows for how long. We’ve seen other segments thin out in the past for the same reasons, and it could just be a matter of time before this segment experiences the same fate.