Uber has had a long-standing series of bad luck when it comes to their image in the past few months, as everything negative surrounding the ride-sharing company has come to light. The company’s board of directors have voted unanimously to incorporate all recommendations from a report about the company’s culture which follow allegations of sexual harassment. All of this lead the board to seriously consider having troubled CEO Travis Kalanick step from his position.


Uber directors have been throwing around the idea of forcing a three-month leave of absence on Kalanick, as the company struggles to recover amidst the series of scandals that have plagued the company. The recommendations that were approved by the board came from former U.S. attorney general Eric Holder, who was hired back in February to investigate the nature of Uber’s workplace culture. Of the recommendations, Uber’s senior vice president of business, Emil Michael, will be forced out. Despite this, Kalanick was not recommended for a similar fate.


Only a week ago, Uber fired over 20 people in response to the findings of the investigations. Others were given workplace trainings or written warnings. General misconduct was running rampant around the company for a long time, so this action was necessary in order to suss out the bad seeds in the bunch. If Kalanick were to leave for a three-month period, he may be brought back in a position with less authority. Overall, the board and investors alike, think this is a move in the right direction for Uber, giving the company an “opportunity to reboot.”