There are safe SUVs and then there’s the Tesla Model X. According to CNN, no other SUV in history has ever won five stars overall in government testing. Not only did the Tesla Model X win five stars overall, it aced each individual crash test.


The reason for the Model X’s prowess on the safety testing ground is its unique construction. The rigid battery pack that’s integrated beneath the floor gives the vehicle an extremely low center of gravity that makes it especially hard to roll over. Also, it's strong enough for the frontal and side testing. According to the Verge, Tesla once claimed its engineers couldn’t even “flip” the Model X when they wanted to during internal crash testing

Multiple Model Xs have been in real-world crashes with little issue. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has even tweeted about these accidents afterward because of how safe the SUV is. The Model S is also a very safe car, achieving a perfect five-star rating across the board as well.

The news of the Model X’s crash testing results comes at a pretty good time for the company. In the past, the automaker suffered safety-related scandals with its autopilot function, including one incident where a man was killed when his car (a Model S) smashed into a truck.

While this news doesn’t totally erase the damage that those incidents had on the company, it does bode well for the delivery of the Model 3, which Tesla is supposed to start delivery of next month. The Model 3 will be Tesla’s first mass-market vehicle. If it’s as safe and as fast as Tesla’s past models, you can bet it’ll be a real winner.