In the U.S., sedans aren’t selling very well in general, but the Alfa Romeo Giulia is doing particularly poorly. In an attempt to boast their return to the American market, the Giulia was supposed to be the next big thing for the Italian automaker. Unfortunately, like so many other sedans, its sales paled in comparison with the crossover vehicles that have been selling like crazy.


The low sales have baffled some, as even though sedans aren’t in the front of the sales race, the Giulia is still pretty much in last place. In 2017, only 2,482 Giulia sedans, including the Quadrifoglio, were sold. In the same segment, the Audi A4 managed to sell 15,379 units, the BMW 3 Series sold 22,584 units, and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class sold 35,436 units.


It could be that Americans are just sticking to what they know where luxury sedans are concerned. It could also be the bad reputation that Alfa Romeo has of making somewhat strange and unreliable cars. Given that it’s actually a pretty great car and the brand is just cool, the Giulia should be a hot seller.

giulia quadrifoglio

Alfa Romeo has resorted to leaning very heavily on rebates and incentives to help customers give it a chance. They’re offering up to $2,750 in conquest cash nationwide, and an additional $750 for California customers. If you’re in the market for a great luxury sedan, now is the time to buy or lease one of these if you want a good deal on it.