The next-generation Nissan Leaf should be the high-tech vehicle that EV fans were hoping it would be. The car will come equipped with ProPilot Assist, which will allow the car to drive itself on the highway. The system isn’t fully autonomous, but it will be capable of managing acceleration, braking, and steering.

However, it will be restricted to single-lane highways due to the fact that it cannot manage lane changes. It also can’t complete entrances to or exits from the highway. That may change with time as Nissan develops the system.

The company promises more features as time goes on. Eventually, Nissan hopes ProPilot will someday guide the vehicle through city streets and intersections. That reality is likely at least a few years off. Still, the move by Nissan is a significant step towards a fully autonomous future.

Nissan Leaf

Other details on the next-generation Leaf are scarce. The company is keeping a tight lid on all things Leaf and only letting out little bits of information at a time. An official unveiling should occur later this year. When it does, we expect there to be a whole lot of new features other than ProPilot Assist.

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