If you're rich enough, special enough and fast enough to get to the front of the Aston Martin privileged customer list, you might be able to get your hands on the Valkyrie, formerly known as the RB-001, and now with its official name, the car get its closest-to-production reveal yet. Not only is it light, but massively powerful thanks to a hybrid powertrain thats certain to go up against the likes of the Ferrari La Ferrari, Porsche 918, and the McLaren P1. 

valkyrie front 34

The exterior retains its essential shape, but much of it from initial photos has been simplified. The big Venturi channels for downforce are more than apparent through the front and rear views. The cabin also appears to have more space thanks to the larger greenhouse that has a more vertical profile. The near solid and very aerodynamic wheels are some of the best we've ever seen. 


The car gets functional head and taillights, too. The headlights are weight-saving, slicing 30-40 percent off conventional Aston Martin headlights. The small third brakelight is one of the smallest ever created (1/4 inch wide and less than half an inch tall), so we're guessing it's a superbright LED unit. The badge of the Valkyrie is also meant to save weight since its laser etched and ultra thin. Everything's designed to keep the car lightweight.

valkyrie doors open

The first shots of the interior show off simplicity and F1 tech. The carbon fiber and Alcantara seats are bolted to the floor, and occupants sit with their feet elevated, much like Formula 1 drivers. And then there's the twin screens and the F1-style steering wheel, where all of the car's controls are housed for ultimate focus. It also can be removed so the driver can perform ingress and egress duties without having to be a contortionist. And also note the total absence of mirrors because the Valkyrie only uses cameras.

valkyrie top rear 34

As far as power is concerned, the other hypercars should be put on notice. The 1,130 hp hybrid powertrain is paired with a 2,270-pound curb weight, giving it a superb power-to-weight ratio. The system pairs a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine and a KERS setup with an electric motor. Supposedly, there's room for two and even some storage space for gear. Shocking. Furthermore, Aston Martin claims it's street-legal worldwide, instead of just a pricey track toy like the Vulcan.

valkyrie rear

So, what's the asking price for such a car? Try $3.2 million, and only 150 actual units built. If you are special enough to get one, you can tell all your friends that you own the fastest street-legal car on earth (according to Aston Martin, that is). We'll have to see what the test numbers show when the car starts 2018 production.

valkyrie cabin1

valkyrie cabin2

valkyrie steering wheel