Previously, we reported that many of General Motor’s sedans may be on the chopping block soon. Those reports were just rumors and speculation, but it seems there may have been a little truth in them if only for the fact that there will likely be fewer sedans in GM’s future. While GM hasn’t made an official comment on the matter, Cadillac’s boss Johan de Nysschen spoke with Reuters and said that the XTS, CTS, and ATS sedans would cease to exist after 2019 in a pursuit to “rebalance” the company’s sedan portfolio.

The upcoming CT5 sedan would fit right below the CT6 (pictured above) in the lineup.

The new car will be the CT5 sedan and will be built at the factory that currently makes the ATS and CTS in Michigan. The vehicle will likely be priced between $35,000 and $45,000, according to Motor Trend. Obviously, it will slot below the CT6 as a competitor to other luxury cars like the Audi A3.

Cadillac needed to do something. The ATS, CTS, and XTS aren’t selling the way GM would like and this is a chance for the company to reposition itself among the luxury car automakers. While the new car could build on the already good CTS platform, we wouldn’t mind seeing a whole new car come out of this. Due to the fact that the company has until 2019 to make the XT5 they have enough time to do something special. The real question is can Cadillac deliver a product that appeals to a wider audience?

Cadillac will make room for more vehicles like the XT5 (pictured above) in its lineup.

This move also makes more room for crossovers in the Caddy lineup. The first one up is the XT4, which should be a smaller crossover than the XT5 the company already has in its lineup. After that, it seems like it would make sense to build a three-row crossover or SUV a little smaller than the monolithic Escalade.

Nysschen also told Reuters that Cadillac plans to introduce more alternative powertrain models by saying the company’s plans are “not dissimilar to what Volvo has announced.” That has us intrigued but also a little scared. Caddy’s ELR plug-in hybrid vehicle was a major flop, and the fate of the new CT6 plug-in hasn't really been decided yet. However, if Cadillac could get it right, we wouldn’t be opposed to more luxurious hybrids or plug-in hybrids in the future.

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