Mercedes-Benz released an electric SUV concept known as the EQ last year in Paris (seen below), and they're about to unleash something a bit smaller in Frankfurt. This car will show the world what the EQ sub-brand will do for Mercedes and its electrified future. 

Last year's Generation EQ Concept was a somewhat conventional looking SUV.

The new vehicle will likely be called the EQ A Concept , but that's about all we know other than the look of the grille and headlights in the teaser photo at the top of the post. It looks like it will be a small hatchback that will be the second member of the team to include the Generation EQ Concept from the Paris Motor Show. 

eq rear
If the new car looks as good as the Generation EQ Concept SUV, it'll be a winner.

What we do know is that the German brand plans on no fewer than 10 electric cars by the year 2022, three of which will fall under the Smart brand. All of them will share a new modular platform that can be modified to suit the vehicle type. The Generation EQ is the first EQ model that will actually be a an "entry-level" electric sport utility vehicle with a 300+ mile range, powered by two electric motors in front and one for the rear. There will be a large floor-mounted battery and newfangled rear facing cameras that display images on the inside of the doors, replacing conventional side mirrors. There will likely also be inductive charging on all future EQ branded models.

eq charging
Inductive charging should be available, as shown on this Generation EQ Concept image.

Given the fact that electrification wave in the car industry is a foregone conclusion, it's no surprise that Mercedes is headed this way. Expect the new concept (when it sees production, sometime in 2020 or shortly after) to go up against the likes of the Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt, and the BMW i3.