This news may not mean anything to you since the TVR brand doesn't sell cars in America, but it's big news to devotees of TVR. The new Griffith has just been revealed, and it's the first car from TVR since the brand went under back in 2006. After much drama, the newly revived brand under the ownership of TVR Automotive Ltd, a UK company led by Les Edgar & John Chasey, has pulled the veil back on their new Griffith, also a revived nameplate from TVR. 

griffith 34

The new Griffith is beautiful, but it's a far cry from the over-styled, over-vented versions from years past. The Sagaris, Cerbera and the Tuscan come to mind. The revived Griffith actually looks far less like its brethren and more like something Lexus might have done up. We think it's rather attractive with the long hood, sloping fastback and dramatic headlights and side pipes. 

Here are some details about the new car:

  • The two seater gets a Ford Coyote 5.0-liter V8 that's been tuned by Cosworth, and it's good for a huge 506 horsepower. It's mated to a Tremec six-speed manual that routes power to the rear wheels.
  • 0-60 time will be in the high 3-second range, and the top speed will be more than 200 mph.  
  • Curb weight is 2,755 pounds, making it very light by modern standards, thanks to the iStream Carbon manufacturing process developed by Gordon Murray, the man behind the legendary McLaren F1.
  • Suspension makes use of double wishbones for the front setup, along with adjustable coil-overs, and it even gets a very modern electrically assisted suspension. It even gets ABS and traction control, unlike any previous TVR.
  • You can't buy it in the states, but if you're in the UK, you can pre-order the new Griffith for £90,000 (or roughly $119K). Cars are expected around this time next year. 

griffith profile

griffith rear

griffith interior

griffith interio2