If you can think of a mainstream car model that hasn't been touched in over a decade, you've got us stumped. It looks like the seriously aged Nissan Frontier light-duty pickup truck is the last man standing in that department, and that's not a good thing at all. It looks like Nissan has finally caved and has initiated plans to replace the Frontier, a truck that hasn't had a redesign in thirteen long years. 

We hope it's close to the Nissan Navara, which is currently sold overseas.

Nissan has touted their still attractive mid-sizer as the affordable choice in pickup trucks, and they're not wrong. It's way cheaper than the new Chevy Colorado and the cult favorite, the redesigned Toyota Tacoma. What's worse is that the IIHS just gave the Frontier crappy crash ratings to the Frontier, dead last in the mid-size segment

There are no details other than the general announcement that the new Frontier will be built at the assembly plant in Canton, Mississippi. Our guess is that the current Nissan Navara that's for sale overseas in markets like Australia and Europe might just be the basis for the new truck. It's a bit odd, though, since the Navara is pretty much a third-generation Frontier that never sold here. We still have the second-gen truck, like a bad booby prize to the country who drew the shortest straw. 

Our hope is that the new truck gets a much-needed upgrade in the power department since the Frontier's current 4-cylinder (152 horsepower) and 6-cylinder (261) choices are pretty weak compared to the competition (the Colorado has 200 and 308, respectively; the Tacoma has 159 and 278).

The interior of the current Frontier isn't the worst thing we've ever seen, but it's very plasticky and certainly dated. In order to be truly competitive within this very hot segment, Nissan will have to pull out the stops on the replacement. That being said, the current Frontier still sells pretty well. It's actually still outpacing the likes of the GMC Canyon and the Honda Ridgeline, both of which are totally new.