The Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept is rewiring our car brains. We've driven some good minivans on sale today, including the new Chrysler Pacifica and the Toyota Sienna and we have to say that although they're better than ever, they're still awful to drive and even worse to be seen in. Our friends who own them keep trying to convince us that we must buy one because we now have three kids. We refuse. That is until we saw the Tj Cruiser. We're now in full minivan lust. You can quote us. 

The boxy look failed with the Nissan Cube and the Scion xB, but the Tj Cruiser takes a different approach. It doesn't try to look cute. Instead, it looks like a toolbox on wheels, and that's just what Toyota built into the name. 

Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept profile

According to Toyota, the "T" in Tj actually stands for toolbox, which appears to have been the idea behind this boxy minivan. Here are some key elements of the Tj Cruiser Concept:

  • Flat sides with noticeable edges and corners like a real toolbox.
  • A flat windshield and hood (with toolbox-like grooves), along with flat fender surfaces at all four corners.
  • Flat silver paint with pickup truck bed-liner coating on some surfaces.
  • The flat black grille has a diamond-stamped steel pattern to evoke toughness.
  • The right-hand-drive vehicle gets a simple and tough interior, including a long instrument binnacle and rugged-looking four-spoke steering wheel.
  • Grab handles in the form of woven straps are strewn throughout the interior. Door panels resemble tool pegboards. There are even multiple tie-down points on the seatbacks.
  • Except for the driver's seat, all of the Tj seats fold completely flat for maximum storage capacity.
  • The huge rear doors slide for easy access and storage.
  • Toyota thinks it could use the TNGA platform that's used in the current Prius and the C-HR. In addition, it would offer front- and all-wheel-drive, along with a "2.0-class engine + hybrid system."
  • It could be slated for production since Toyota has applied for "TJ Cruiser" as a trademark in the U.S.

Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept rear 34

Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept front

Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept rear

Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept interior 1

Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept interior 2

Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept interior 3