Mitsubishi has a new three-year strategy in which it plans to expand its vehicle lineup by redesigning five models producing six new vehicles. The automaker hopes to increase revenue and sales by 30 percent. This means it hopes to sell 1.3 million vehicles. In addition to this, Mitsubishi’s plan calls for a profit margin increase of six percent before the end of 2019. To make all this happen, it will focus its efforts on crossovers and SUVs. Hopefully, this will have a big impact on the company and help turn things around

Expect More SUVs and Crossovers From Mitsubishi

The Eclipse Cross: Mitsubishi’s newest crossover

Most of the six new models Mitsubishi will produce will likely fit into the crossover or SUV vehicle categories. The first new model is the Eclipse Cross (pictured above), which has already been shown off by the brand. The next model with be the Xpander (pictured below). Unfortunately, this model won’t come to the U.S. Aside from those two specific models, it’s unclear what else will be produced.

We’d love to see Mitsubishi bring the Pajero SUV to the U.S. Currently, the company sells it abroad and we could see this off-road-ready SUV capturing a number of U.S. sales. Mitsubishi would likely have to soften the model a bit for the American market, though, as it's probably a little too rugged in its current form.

Mitsubishi’s  Xpander Crossover

From there, Mitsubishi could release something like the e-Evolution Concept that it teased earlier this year. It’s a fully electric crossover with an advanced artificial intelligence system. Autoblog noted that some of the new vehicles could be created for vehicle types that are not sold here in America. Car Advice reported that one of Mitsubishi’s next models will, in fact, be a Japanese kei car, but the details on that particular vehicle are scarce. If this is true, it will arrive in 2020 and be fully electric, according to the publication.

The Outlander and Outlander Sport will no doubt be at the top of the list for redesigns. Both are decent vehicles but if Mitsubishi wants to stay competitive, it needs to improve the interiors and the available technology for both models. We'd love to see a new Lancer sedan, but we're not holding our breath. Mitsubishi will focus on crossovers over sedans for the near future.

Will This Turn Things Around?

The Eclipse Cross: Mitsubishi’s newest crossover

It's unclear as to how many of the new models the brand plans to produce will actually come to the U.S. It’s no secret that the automaker is struggling in the States. We think it’d take at least a couple new models outside of new versions of the Outlander and Outlander Sport to make a big difference.

We could see the Xpander model that the company plans to sell to the global market being a hit in America. It’s large and appears to offer minivan-like space in a crossover-styled package. Seeing as how Mitsubishi needs some variation in its lineup as well as some new high-quality vehicles, the Xpander would make sense for the U.S. market. However, we’re not thrilled with the idea of another people-moving crossover.

We think Mitsubishi needs a performance car somewhere in its lineup, but at this point, we'll probably have to settle for a high-performance crossover. Nissan, who owns the controlling stake of Mitsubishi now, has experience with high-performance crossovers, so it wouldn't be too big of a stretch to suggest that Mitsubishi goes the same route. Only time will tell what the automaker's new plan will yield. We're excited for what is to come.