There’s nothing like waiting forever to get something you’re really excited about, only to finally receive it and be highly disappointed. This is what many people who are waiting for their Tesla Model 3 are probably going to experience if the company doesn’t adequately address the mass-market sedan’s quality issues before too much time passes. It's one thing to fail to meet production numbers, which looks like Tesla will suffer from, and another thing to build an inferior, faulty product.

tesla model 3 body

There have been multiple reports of poor quality issues surrounding Tesla’s Model 3 sedan. The company recently invited institutional investors to test drive the new cars at a closed-door event at its showroom in Brooklyn, NY. While some had nice things to say about the electric vehicle, one analyst, Toni Sacconaghi, had less than favorable things to say about it. In his remarks, he said “Fit and finish on the two demo cars we saw – perhaps not surprisingly – was relatively poor.” Upon a soft inspection, Sacconaghi found misalignments in the glass roof, body panels, rubber trim around the windows and seams in the interior ceiling. The fact that Tesla is also no longer outsourcing for their seats (like the major automakers do), shows what could be poor judgment and lead to additional quality problems.


Tesla has been aware of these issues, and Elon Musk addressed them by saying the Model 3 is much further ahead than the Model S or Model X were at this stage in production. While that may be true, it doesn’t exactly make things better. More than likely, Tesla brought the best of the Model 3’s they had at the time to the event, which could mean that other cars that weren’t put on for show could have issues that are more pronounced.

2017 Tesla Model 3

Quality issues aren't exclusive to the Model 3, as a very thorough video review from one Tesla owner revealed. Finding issues with the body and interior door panels, Tyler Martin uploaded a lengthy video to YouTube documenting every issue he’s had with his 2016 Model S. He did add that despite the issues he’s faced with his car, Tesla’s customer support is top notch and that he loves the car regardless.

With the problems the company is having just getting the car out to people who’ve pre-ordered it, the fact that it’s not in the best of condition when they receive it could be a bad sign for the company’s sales and reputation. Only time can tell how things will turn out for Tesla and their Model 3 debacle. As always, there’s so much potential for things to go in their favor, but without proper care and planning at every level, things can quickly go awry. It also goes to show that establishing yourself as a bona fide automaker takes more than just money, innovation, and sheer will.