Although the Chevy Corvette is easily America's best sports car, and an affordable exotic, at that, it's not exactly selling like hotcakes. Coupes, sedans, sports cars and convertibles are taking big hits from crossovers and SUVs these days, and the Corvette Z06 isn't immune. Sales have steadily declined over the past two years, from 34,839 units in 2014 to 29,995 in 2016. Only 20,236 have sold so far this year, so it's unlikely that 2017 sales numbers will be anywhere near 2016s. That's not good news. 

2017 Chevy Corvette Z06 yellow front 58

It was recently reported via Autoblog that buyers of the Z06 version can save a monstrous $9,107 off the $79,400 purchase price. The discounts aren't new, though, since Chevrolet offered three rebates on the Z06 and Grand Sport back in the spring that if applied together, reduced the purchase price by a not insignificant $8,000. But one would have to upgrade brakes to the Brembo carbon ceramics for $7,495 in order to qualify for the big $5,000 rebate. There was also a loyalty discount for current 'Vette owners that reduced the price by $2,000. Reports of "private offer" deals that weren't publicized could discount 'Vettes by $3,000 to $5,000. 

2017 Chevy Corvette Z06 ad

During the 2017 Chevy Closeout, you can see the advertisement as clear as day, and you can walk into your local Chevy dealer and start asking about that seriously big Z06 discount that amounts to $9,107. What's more, there's word that you can tack on even more discounts if you qualify, and the total discount approaches $14,000. The Z06 might be pretty extreme for your tastes, so in that case, you might be able to get some serious discounts on the stock Corvette Stingray. It looks like it's time to get that sports car you've always wanted.

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