Toyota used to make some seriously interesting vehicles, the kind that would make your automotive juices flow. The Supra, the Celica Supra, the MR2, and the FJ40 Land Cruiser. Then their mentality that focused on just cars for the average mainstream America started to prevail. It's that mindset that gave us the now defunct Venza, the last Camry, the current Corolla, and the Prius (and all its iterations). Toyota sold a crap ton of cars, as a result, but they lost the excitement, and their products ceased to become interesting.

Toyota FT-AC concept profile

And then President Akio Toyoda stated he would no longer allow Toyota to build boring cars. But there's more than just crafting more excitement into the brand, there has to be a plan to address future mobility changes, and those are ones that might change more quickly than estimated. And rather than churning out more EV concepts, Toyota is trying to build more exciting vehicles now to fund mobility changes down the road. It's a brilliant approach. The new FT-AC concept is part of that, and it showed up last week in L.A.

Toyota FT-AC front

FT-AC stands for "Future Toyota Adventure Concept" and is designed for the active urban adventurer, meaning the owner who works all week in the city and then wants to get out to mountain bike, hike, hit the beach or drive through the desert. It's about both fun and practicality, and it seems just right-sized for it. 

Toyota FT-AC rear 34

The FT-AC isn't Jeep Wrangler hard core, but it does have some properly selected gear for the outdoors, including big all-terrain tires, functional tow-hooks, a safari-style roof rack with integrated LED lighting, and the most prominent feature, the rear bike carrier that conveniently retracts into the bumper when it's not needed. 

Toyota FT-AC Bike Rack

As for now, there's no engine selected for the FT-AC, and it is just a concept, after all. If Toyota actually builds it or something based on the FT-AC, it'll likely get both gas and hybrid options, an advanced torque-vectoring AWD system, a terrain selector with multiple settings, and a four-wheel lock for high-traction needs.

Toyota FT-AC tow hooks

What's most interesting about the FT-AC is the fact that it may very well usher in a new era for the brand, bringing back excitement and funneling in more revenue that will help fund the future of Toyota mobility, whatever that may look like. So far, we like what we see.

Toyota FT-AC Fog Lights

Toyota FT-AC tires

Toyota FT-AC side mirror

Toyota FT-AC roof rack