Christmas is right around the corner, and because you probably don’t have time to take in all the auto news that you want to, we decided to pull together a post that gives you all you need to know. Here are the news stories from this week. If something piques your interest, click through to the full article to get all the nitty-gritty details and have a fantastic holiday knowing that you’re up to date on what’s going on in the automotive world.

Thor Trucks Goes After Tesla’s Electric Semi

Thor Electric trucks

Tesla had better watch out. Thor Trucks is coming with a pretty impressive-looking electric semi-truck. Thor’s truck doesn’t quite have the range that Tesla’s truck does, and the company lacks the factory that Tesla has, but the Thor Trucks is gunning for the well-known electric car maker.

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Volvo’s Autonomous Drive Me Program Hits Setbacks

Volvo Drive Me Program

Volvo’s autonomous driving program called Drive Me has experienced some setbacks and the company now says that it’ll be a few years before it achieves goals it set back in 2013. The company now says it will have 100 autonomous cars on the road come 2021. We hope it delivers. We’re starting to lose a little faith in the automaker’s capabilities.

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Why are People Calling Uber Instead of Ambulances in Emergencies

uber in the case of emergency

A new study revealed that many people have started taking Ubers rather than ambulances in emergencies. This is likely due to the high price of an ambulance. Uber has cautioned against this, but as of right now it’s still happening. We guess we get it, but we’ll still be calling the proper authorities if we get hurt.  

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The New, More Conservative 2019 Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee

Jeep’s Cherokee has a face that only its designer could love. That’s probably why the new 2019 Cherokee features a new front end that’s a little more conventional. The new Cherokee looks more like the Grand Cherokee or Compass, which should mean that it appeals to a wider audience. We see this as a huge improvement over the previous space-ship-like nose.

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Faraday Future Secures $1B In Funding

Faraday Future

Faraday Future’s future is uncertain. The company looked like it was heading for its doom, but now that may be changing. The troubled electric car startup managed to get $1 billion in funding by selling off a large portion of its stock. This should be enough to kick-start production of its FF91 electric car, which should help put the company on solid ground.

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