Consumer Reports annual owner’s satisfaction survey showed that Tesla and Porsche lead the way. Porsche, which received second place with a score of 85 out of 100, has maintained its strong support from customers for years now. This, coupled with the brand’s good dependability ratings, and the fact that a large percentage of the automaker's cars in its long history are still on the road, means that it’s a top-notch automaker.

Tesla Model S

Tesla, however, is somewhat surprising. Despite the fact that there are multiple reports of quality issues with the Model S and Model X, the brand’s customers still claim to be highly satisfied with the company’s vehicles. Tesla scored 90 out of 100 points on the survey and got first place. It will be interesting to see if Tesla can maintain its ranking next year as the Model 3 comes out. This will likely depend on if Tesla can get the cars out in a timely manner and if the company can keep quality high. 

Genesis G90

Another surprise is Hyundai’s new dedicated luxury brand, Genesis. The brand hasn’t been around for very long, and at the moment its customer base is still pretty small. Despite this, those people who did buy a Genesis vehicle seem to be very happy with them. Genesis managed to place third overall, showing that Genesis must be on to something with its vehicles. Having driven the brand’s cars, we can say customer response is not unfounded. Genesis makes top-quality cars, and for the price, they’re some of the best luxury cars out there.

Nissan Rogue

On the flip side, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Acura tied for the lowest score. Each brand managed a paltry 58 points out of 100. Mitsubishi isn’t much of a surprise. Acura is somewhat surprising in that the brand has taken steps to become better and more exciting, but we’re surprised that Nissan scores so low. The brand sells a ton of vehicles. That said, Nissan may want to start focusing on pleasing customers if it plans to continue selling vehicles at its current rate.

Chrysler Pacifica

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which has had trouble with its ratings in the past, managed to improve its scores. In fact, Chrysler managed to beat out its sibling brands, no doubt thanks to the Pacifica. Ram jumped up five places over previous year's rankings. All of Fiat Chrysler’s brands included managed to improve their rankings. That said, not all of the company’s brands were included in the survey. Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati were excluded due to insufficient data from customers. We can’t imagine that those particular brands would have boded well due to reliability concerns from customers.