Chevrolet is looking to the future, and part of that future consists of eliminating a few models out of its lineup to make room for new technology. Surprisingly, this could result in the Volt plug-in hybrid being kicked to the curb. General Motors held up the Volt as the future only a few short years ago, and now the model is deemed outdated in the light of future technology.

In a report by AutoForecast Solutions from GM Authority, it was noted that the Volt will exit production by 2022. This move will be done to make room for fully electric vehicle production. This will consist of both EV cars and crossovers. Apparently, the Volt’s plug-in hybrid powertrain isn’t in GM’s playbook for the future.

Blue 2018 Chevrolet Volt side view

Rumors of the Volt’s impending demise have swirled before. In July of this year, we noted that the Volt was among the list of GM cars that could be slated for death. At the time of that report, we noted that it was an innovative car. The Volt seemed to be an odd choice for cancellation. That said, if you think about GM’s capacity for turning out electric vehicles, it would make sense that they have to eliminate the Volt if they want to make other fully-electric cars.

The Volt takes up valuable space in the factory. If it’s not selling fast enough to justify keeping it around, GM needs to kill it so it can produce more appealing EV cars or crossovers. The Chevy Bolt is on track to have great sales this year. It's outselling almost all other EVs on the road, even the Tesla Model S, according to The Drive, so it makes sense that GM would want to spend more time on strictly battery-powered vehicles.

blue 2018 Chevrolet Volt rear view

We’d bet that the next EV Chevrolet produces will be a crossover. CUVs still sell like crazy, and Chevrolet would have a truly unique product in a fully electric EV. In November, Green Car Reports noted that GM CEO Mary Barra gave investors a presentation that included a Bolt EV-based crossover utility vehicle. Details on if this vehicle will be GM’s next move are scarce, but it would make sense.

If you were thinking of getting a plug-in hybrid, and you’re a fan of the Chevy Volt, you may want to start nailing down a time to make that purchase. While 2022 is still pretty far off, this model’s days seem to be numbered, and Chevrolet could kill it at any time.

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