Ever since the current Mazda6 was introduced, we've held the strong belief that it's one of the best cars in the industry. Well made, well-designed, fun-to-drive, full of great amenities and easy to use tech, it's clear evidence of what the small Japanese car company is doing right.

But there were a couple of things missing from the near-perfect Mazda6 formula. It needed more power and an option for all-wheel drive to put down that power (especially since we knew we'd never see one with rear-wheel drive). Well, now it looks like we might just get both. 

2018 Mazda6 red front 58

Mazda did confirm that it would put a new optional engine in the 6 from the CX-9 SUV, giving the flagship sedan 250 horses from the turbocharged four. It was also recently reported that Mazda was actually considering all-wheel drive as an option to the Mazda6 due to customer demand. It now seems that the wheels may have already been put into motion.

2018 Mazda6 red people

Motor Trend discovered that the NHTSA has listings for both the 2018 Mazda6 with the standard front-wheel-drive setup and also a 2018 model with all-wheel drive. Whether or not that's actual confirmation of the AWD model's upcoming existence isn't clear, but it gives us hope. That would provide the 6 with the right chops to make it more competitive in a segment that doesn't really have many high-powered AWD family sedan options except for the Ford Fusion Sport.

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