People have been sitting on a wait list for their Tesla Model 3’s for more than a year now, and because of production hiccups and high demand, some will have to wait much longer than that. Because of there being such a long wait, the mass-market sedan might become outdated by the time some get it, leaving room for other automakers, like Chevrolet, to swoop in and poach customers.

tesla model 3

Despite Tesla failure deliver as promised, there aren’t any new plans from other automakers to snatch away customers who have been waiting for their Model 3. Chevy has the Bolt EV, which is pretty similar to the Model 3, as far as price and performance, but it doesn’t have the same kind of cult following that Tesla vehicles tend to have. They don’t intend on exploiting this opportunity anytime soon, as marketing director of Chevrolet cars and crossovers Steve Majoros says, “It’s not in the cards.”

Chevy Bolt EV

When the Model 3 was first unveiled, 180,000 people placed a $1,000 deposit on it right away, knowing the car wouldn’t be delivered for more than a year. In the latter half of last year, a small amount people finally started to receive their long-awaited vehicles. The waitlist has about 455,000 people on it now, leaving a wait of about 3 years. On top of the wait, because so much time will have passed, the interior features will have to be updated in order to keep up with the times.

tesla waitlist

Tesla keeps pushing back their timeline for the rate at which production will increase to 5,000 Models 3 sedan delivers per week. They’ll have to make major improvements to their production strategy if they want to make sure customers aren’t getting their cars at a new price with a 3- to 4-year-old design. While a good amount of people are willing to wait for their Model 3, Chevy found out via cross-market research that it wouldn’t be very difficult to poach a good number of customers from Tesla.

chevy bolt customer

Battery-electric vehicle buyers are easier entice away from competitors than those who buy more traditional powertrains. According to senior automotive analyst for HIS Markit, Stephanie Brinley, the real competition between the Model 3 and Bolt EV will happen when Tesla’s production is more robust. GM knows what they’re doing, as they have a much broader strategy than for just immediate sales in these coming months.