Take look at the delicious photos of the new Toyota GR Super Sports Concept and then look at a last-generation Toyota Camry. See any resemblance? Of course not. The two cars are polar opposites, but that doesn't mean that Toyota's not serious about a new supercar. Built out of Toyota's Gazoo Racing division, the Super Sports Concept shows us what the next Toyota supercar could be. It even makes the long gone LFA look a bit mundane.

Toyota GR Super Sport Concept front 58

Heavily based on the rapid hybrid TS050 race car that ran in the World Endurance Championship, the car is all about handling, speed, and aerodynamics. The bodywork is similar to the endurance racer but toned down, and then underneath is the lovely and purposeful carbon fiber chassis that's super light and super rigid. The Super Sports is powered by a twin-turbocharged hybrid V6 that makes an earthshattering 986 horsepower. Toyota clearly isn't messing around.

Toyota GR Super Sport Concept profile

Though there's not as much going on with the body as the race car, it has ample downforce and aero thanks to huge vents, a tall wing, and we're guessing Venturi channels underneath for those straightaways in your neighborhood. We don't, however, see headlights of any kind. It also appears that the cockpit is situated higher than the TS050's, which makes sense if this is going to be a road-going car.

Toyota GR Super Sport Concept rear 34

Gazoo Racing's president, Shigeki Tomoyama, stated that the Super Sports will communicate the ethos of the TS050 while actually being easier to drive. It's supposed to usher in a new generation of Toyota sports cars, and that's a very good thing since the start look seriously impressive. 

Toyota GR Super Sports Concept chassis

Toyota GR Super Sport Concept rear