While FCA may have received a lot of negative backlash for its Ram 1500 Superbowl LII commercial, no one can say a negative thing about the 2018 Jeep Wrangler Anti-Manifesto commercial. The video (shared below) is a no-nonsense approach to advertising the vehicle. It’s perfect in that it showcases the Wrangler in a very raw way via a single clip with a simple voiceover. It seems Ram could learn a lesson from its sibling brand.

Like the Wrangler, the ad is simple and rugged. The prose is excellent but the camera work looks almost mediocre. Someone could have shot similar footage with a high-end smartphone. In many ways, the advertisement mirrors the product itself. The Wrangler’s seemingly effortless travel through a stream, up an embankment and over a rocky crag is similar to the simple and honest language used in the voiceover. The two work together seamlessly to convey exactly what the Wrangler is all about.

There’s no denying that a lot of work and thinking went into this add, but what we love best about it is that it’s not overly flashy. It just works. Exactly like the new Wrangler. Unfortunately, Ram's fumble on its own commercial has attracted more attention than this superb spot by Jeep.