Eight hours and 232.5 miles. Those are the numbers that earned BMW the Guinness World Records Title for the longest drift. Most of us can hardly focus on something that intense for a few minutes let alone do the same thing for eight hours straight. Still, BMW driving instructor Johan Schwartz did it. His efforts in an all-new M5, though, were almost sabotaged by an unsuspecting culprit, Bluetooth.

According to an article by The Verge, the team responsible for bringing home the accolade to BMW had decided to use Bluetooth and smartphones to communicate, but partway through the drift session, Schwartz’s phone suddenly lost its connection.

BMW M5 Drift World record

“So I had to, while drifting, you know, reset the whole thing, turn the phone off and back on again,” Schwartz told the publication. “That was pretty, pretty interesting.” The team originally planned to use walkie-talkies, but that required Schwartz to use take one of his hands off the wheel, which isn’t very smart mid-drift. They’re alternative was smartphones with Bluetooth, but that almost turned disastrous as well.

BMW M5 worlds longest drift record holders

Luckily, with Schwartz being the fantastic driver that he is, he managed to keep going while reconnecting the phone. The team communications wouldn’t have been such an issue if the drift were shorter, but with it being so long and taking so long, BMW had to devise a way to refuel while still drifting the car. This meant being able to communicate with the team and the driver’s in the refueling vehicle was a paramount concern.

Schwartz also admits that bathroom breaks weren’t allowed. He had to have a catheter inserted because he felt that, “I do it the right way, or I don’t do it at all,” he said. “You can’t half-ass it. Not for a big deal like that. To see an in-depth look at BMW’s achievement check out the video below.

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