The new all-electric Hyundai Kona will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next month, but some pretty interesting details surrounding it have already surfaced. The subcompact SUV stands to have one of the most powerful electric engines on the market, reaching an impressive class-leading range of 292 miles.

hyundai kona

The Kona EV will be available with two powertrains, one of which enables it to reach such an impactful range. Using the WLTP standard, or the Worldwide harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedures, the Chevy Bolt is listed with a 240 mile range (238 via the EPA). This means the Kona could take the top range spot for non-Tesla EVs, as the Tesla Model 3 is said to have 310 miles of range, and the Model S 100D sits at 335 miles per full charge. This a huge jump for Hyundai, as their Ioniq Electric is only rated at 124 miles.

However good this all sounds, it should be mentioned that this was released from Hyundai of Europe, giving no word on if an electric Kona will be available stateside. Despite that, with the popularity of SUVs in the United States, it wouldn’t be surprising if we did get it. We hope to find out more with an update coming on Feb. 27th, a week before its unveiling in Geneva.