Volkswagen is surely trying their best to undo the debacle that was Dieselgate. The I.D. vehicles are a huge part of that, and now they've pulled off the covers and the details off the I.D. Vizzion EV. It's not just some slick-looking concept, either. It shows us what is the precursor to the production version. One will come in a few years, but the full monty of Level 5 autonomy won't come until much later. Here's what we know.

VW ID Vizzion red front 58

  • The I.D. Vizzion is purely electric with 302 horsepower from two motors. One powers the front wheels with 101 hp, and the rear motor provides 201 horses. 
  • The driving range on a full charge is a whopping 400 miles. That's better than the 335-mile range of the Tesla Model S.
  • The interior is far more radical than the exterior since it has virtually no physical controls. That's because the I.D. Vizzion is intended to be a Level-5 fully autonomous vehicle. No gas pedal, no brake, no steering wheel, and nothing for driver intervention. Until the control-free version comes out, the car, the car will have a steering wheel and pedals that will allow for intervention. 
  • The car operates on driver voice and gesture controls. There are two rotary knobs for audio volume and possibly tuning, but that's about it. To see anything on the display screens, occupants will have to wear Microsoft Hololens augmented reality glasses.
  • The unique headlights contain 8,000 illuminated pixels that can automatically adjust to avoid blinding drivers and pedestrians. It can even use them to project logos for communication such a projecting a crosswalk for pedestrians to know it's safe to proceed. Pretty slick.
  • There's also an artificial intelligence system that can recognize the owner. It can read biometrics for unlocking and choosing settings, as well as conduct facial recognition. It will adjust the interior automatically, as well as provide data on your destination arrival time.  

VW ID Vizzion red interior doors open

VW ID Vizzion dash

VW ID Vizzion control

VW ID Vizzion red rear 34

VW ID Vizzion red profile

VW ID Vizzion red profile doors open