No one really expected Hyundai to deliver what might be the most stunning concept car at this year's Geneva Motor Show, but that's exactly what they did. The Hyundai Le Fil Rouge (or "common thread") is absolutely gorgeous. The name is intentional because it's supposed to signify a design language that will eventually pervade the brand. From what we can see, that's good news, indeed. 

hyundai le fil rouge concept front 58

The car looks very original but somehow still evokes some Jaguar, Aston Martin, Tesla, Maserati, and Ferrari (especially the FF), all coming together for a sleek and sexy exterior design. Hyundai seems to have exercised wise restraint in the design, placing creases and lines in strategic fashion without overdoing it. How Hyundai will migrate this look to every vehicle (including sedans, hatchbacks, and crossovers) will be interesting. 

hyundai le fil rouge concept rear 58

Hyundai says the Le Fil Rouge exudes a "sensuous sportiness", which we agree with. The lines are fluid, but the stance and some of the styling elements like the grille communicate power. There seem to be lighting elements in the front and rear that create a very original, very attractive pattern. The tail section is beautifully simple with a dark swath that conceals the taillight's lighting elements and wraps around the entire back end.

hyundai le fil rouge concept profile

The roof emulates the classic twin bubble design found on some classic Aston Martins, as well as the Dodge Viper. The roofline is fastback, and the C-pillar blends with it to make for a Jaguar F-Type sexiness that we love. Aside from the grille and the wheels, there's not much that's very complicated about the design, and the car is better off for it.

hyundai le fil rouge concept rear 34

The bladed/scissor style ten-spoke wheels are very original because they incorporate a mesh pattern in a contrasting dark tone, an approach we haven't yet seen on any concept car wheels, much less anything approaching production. Even the mesh, itself, has an interesting pattern that draws the eye. We like Hyundai's attempt at doing things differently. 

hyundai le fil rouge concept wheel

The interior is also very original and makes use of light-hued materials like white-ish leather and matte wood. It's airy and open, and there are contours galore. The floating instrument cluster sits in front of a curvacious tunnel that wraps around to the door panels. Even the center tunnel that extends all the way to the back is attractive, as are the twin rear infotainment screens that are incorporated into the curve of the seats. 

hyundai le fil rouge concept interior

We're in love with the Le Fil Rouge, and it shows the world that Hyundai can be wholly original rather than taking a derivative approach that it's been accused of using in past models. It will be very interesting to see how the concept translates to production, but we're surely convinced that the brand will do it well based on their recent designs, especially the new 2019 Santa Fe

hyundai le fil rouge concept rear infotainment view

hyundai le fil rouge concept rear fender

hyundai le fil rouge concept front 58 driving