In a seriously bold and strange move, Buick has decided to remove its own "Buick" badging from their vehicles starting in the 2019 model year. GM Authority noticed that the recently unveiled 2019 Buick Envision has absolutely no Buick badging on the rear of the vehicle. The question was issued to representatives at the brand who stated that this wasn't a mistake but that all "Buick" badging will be gone, instead opting to use just the famous tri-shield emblem and the name of the model. So, what gives? 

2019 Buick Envision driving rear 34 grey
The 2019 Envision has all evidence of the "Buick" name gone from the outside of the car.

The move is surely unique since no other car brand is doing this. Brand recognition is a huge deal in the car industry, just as it is all other consumer goods on the market. Though we doubt that Buick is bold enough to remove their name from marketing materials, the change on their vehicles might be a smart one. We're guessing that in Buick's quest to cater more to younger customers, and the fact that the Buick name conjures up older generations of car buyers, they want to have the name of the vehicle to be more memorable than the brand itself. 

buick avista concept blue
The beautiful Buick Avista Concept utilized the tri-shield logo but no Buick badging whatsoever.

There's actually precedent here, though. The Buick Avista concept that was revealed in Detroit back in 2016 had zero Buick badging on the outside of the car, opting only for the logo on the grille and the rear of the car. The design was edgy, radical, and like no other Buick the world had seen to date. It was clearly a change for the better and may have set the tone for future Buicks not just in terms of design but badging, as well.

buick regal gs badge red

Whether or not the change will work remains to be seen, but at least they're trying new things. It has a lot to overcome, even though the brand is doing really well in regions like China. We'd like to see the brand move even more upscale and create a new era of American luxury. The removal of the Buick name likely won't be sufficient to really drive sales up, but it's a small part of what Buick deems as change. 

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