Ford plans to unveil its 2019 Focus on April 10, 2018. That’s less than a week away. To get people excited about its new car, the company released a short teaser video. Totaling 18 seconds long, the teaser video doesn’t show too much, but you do get a good look at a few key elements of the car, including the hood, headlight, wheels, and Focus lettering across the back of the car.  

The design elements shown reveal that Ford has been at work modernizing its popular current model. The front end, from what we can see, is different, the headlights are all-new, and we’d expect the car to compete better with offerings from Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, and Chevrolet. We’ll have a better idea once the rest of the car makes its official debut.

The video was released on Ford Europe’s Youtube channel. There’s no word yet if Ford will make both a hatchback and sedan version of the new Focus, but all indications point to yes. The model in the teaser video was a hatchback car. If Ford really wants to compete with vehicles like the Honda Civic, it has to put out a sedan, too.

Production of the European car starts this fall. U.S. buyers will have to wait longer for the vehicle because Ford has moved its U.S. production of the car to China. Those cars won’t start rolling off the assembly line until the middle of 2019. When the 2019 Focus arrives, it will be without the high-performance RS as an option. At this time, there are no plans to make a new all-wheel-drive drift monster.

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