Everyone knows that car sales are on a downward slide while crossover sales are on a rocket ship ride to the top. This has led many automakers to kill off their cars in favor of the kinds of vehicles that people want. The latest models slated for death are the Ford Fiesta and Taurus. The Wall Street Journal reported that Ford would remove its smallest car and one of its older nameplates from its lineup. It listed anonymous sources inside the organization, but Ford hasn’t officially said it will kill either model.

Two Cars We Would Miss Dearly

Ford Taurus in black parked in front of a building.

The Taurus isn’t all that surprising. It is woefully outdated at this point, but we expected a redesign, not a cancellation. The Taurus was the car that saved Ford when it appeared in the mid-1980s, and it hurts to see it go. This is a big sign that the crossover craze, isn’t really much of a craze at all. It’s more of a permanent shift of the American market towards the vehicle type and away from sedans.

Ford Fiestas parked together

The Fiesta, too, is a little depressing. Ford’s littlest car is in need of some updates but it still ranks pretty highly among the competition. It is an inexpensive, practical little sedan, and there’s a definite market for that. The raucous ST trim level it was a delightful little car, and it will disappear, too if the Fiesta goes. This is a big blow to the enthusiast community.

Ford’s decision to kill off the Fiesta may not mean the absolute end to the model. The company will end production of the current model, but the next-generation model is already on sale in Europe. It stands to reason that the company could bring that car stateside, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Ford focus on another crossover model instead.

Many Have Died, More Will Come

Ford Fiesta rear view while driving on a wet road.

The Taurus and Fiesta’s imminent demise aren’t the only cancellations that will happen. Chevrolet has also announced that it will kill off the Sonic (pictured below). Chevy’s little car is another subcompact that’s actually quite good. It will likely be missed less, though, due to the fact that it doesn’t have the long history the Taurus does or the higher-performance model that the Fiesta does.

Chevrolet Sonic sedan

These cars are added to a long list of cars that have passed or will pass on to that big parking lot in the sky to make room for more crossover models in automakers’ lineups. FCA made decisions to kill off the Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart, and there are rumors of the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger getting the axe. Chevrolet may not be done killing cars either. There have been rumors of the Volt plug-in hybrid being killed to make room for a plugin crossover of some type.

Your Sedan Choices Will be Slim

Chrysler 200

We don’t think that the sedan will die off entirely, but crossovers are in a full-swing takeover of the market. Some in the industry have argued that the market is already oversaturated with SUVs and crossovers. However, according to Sam Fiorani, vice president of global vehicle forecasting with AutoForecast Solutions, there’s still room for more.

“The market is not yet saturated and there are all kinds of niches that have yet to be filled,” Fiorani told Reuters. “We’re five or 10 years from even thinking about market saturation.” It would seem that automakers agree with Fiorani’s claims as they keep rolling out new models all with a slightly different target demographic.

Toyota Camry sedan on a curvy road.

There are crossovers of all different sizes, purposes, and lifestyles. Three-row crossovers are big right now but so are models on the other end of the spectrum. The subcompact crossover is popular, and every year it seems there are more, even luxury models.

As time goes on, expect more cars to die off. We think some high-sellers will survive, like Honda’s Accord and Toyota’s Camry, but otherwise, there will be fewer models to choose from. The only good news for sedan lovers is that you’ll probably be able to get a good deal on sedans as dealers will want to move them off the lot to make room for the upcoming crossover offerings.