Although Ford has not officially stated whether or not the Ranger Raptor will come to the U.S., it would seem that the company is seriously thinking about bringing the off-road midsize monster to market here. A Ranger Raptor was spotted roaming the public streets near Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.

Ford Ranger Raptor front end

The regular Ranger will come to the U.S., and it should be a good midsize pickup, but the one that many people want is the Ranger Raptor. The truck spotted testing had some interesting Raptor decals, grille, and obvious performance upgrades. This could just be Raptor that’s intended for a market outside of the U.S., but it could also be early tests of a U.S.-spec version. The vehicle was seen testing was right-hand drive, so it’s worth betting that the model was imported from Australia or one of the other markets outside of North America.

Ford Ranger Raptor interior view

According to Motor1, the photographer who took the photos said it sounded like the truck was powered by a diesel engine. If that’s true, the engine under the hood is most likely the 2.0-liter turbodiesel that makes 210 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. If the sighting of the truck in Michigan means that it will come to North America, we hope that the diesel engine comes with it.

Ford Ranger Raptor rear view

The standard Ranger will be here for the 2019 model year. If Ford chooses to bring a Raptor version of the truck to the U.S. market, it probably won’t be available until 2020. If you’re thinking of a tough midsize pickup truck, and you’re not enamored with the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 waiting around for the Ranger Raptor may be a good choice.

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