Just because you have a fat bank account doesn't mean you acquire great driving skills without proper training. There are plenty of supercar owners whose driving skills seem inversely proportional to the cost of their vehicle. Case in point, this totaled McLaren 720S that was apparently left behind in the Nevada desert after its driver drove it like he stole it/text messaged/checked his eyebrow hairs in the rearview mirror. Who the hell knows what happened, but the result is bad, bad bad. Take a look below.

Nevada Highway Patrol found the vehicle "shiny" side up off a road near Lake Mead. They didn't find anyone in the car, or outside the car, for that matter, and stated that seatbelts saved the occupants lives. They apparently were able to get themselves out of the vehicle and were well enough to leave the harrowing scene. Reports show that the driver and passenger were able to get to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries. No word on whether or not they had to change their skivvies.

Lucky for the occupants of the McLaren, the car's safety is robust. It has a carbon fiber Monocage II that keeps the car light while increasing safety. It's the same kind of tech that's used in race cars. What's more, the 720S endured crash tests so well, that the same cage was used for fourteen consecutive tests. Thank goodness they weren't driving anything less since they probably wouldn't have walked away from what looks like a high-speed wreck.

mclaren 720s orange rear 34
This is what a McLaren 720S looks like when it's in one piece. 

So, what happened? Well, we do know based on reports that the car's occupants were participating in a cross-country rally of exotic car owners. The car was likely traveling at a high rate of speed when the driver lost control. These cars might be high tech, but they won't make up for seriously bad mistakes on the road. The owner's probably wealthy enough to buy another one. At least the now totaled McLaren saved his (and his friend's) bacon.

Here's video captured of the wreck by Daily Driven Exotics. What a sight.

And when you see how stunning and stupid fast the 720s is in this video, it'll make you weep knowing that one of these rare cars was unwillingly pulverized in the Nevada desert by some rich idiot. Waahhh.