The Bugatti Chiron is one of the finest, fastest cars on the planet. It costs a wallet-searing $3 million and can go from 0-60 in 2.3 seconds and reach a top speed of 261 mph. You'll pretty much never be able to afford one, and even if you had the money, the 500 slated for production are already sold out. BUT, you can spend a mere $350 and buy the beautifully detailed LEGO version, which has just been unveiled. 

lego bugatti chiron and real version
You almost can't tell which one is the real one. Okay, so that's a stretch, but the LEGO version is still pretty sweet.

The Lego Technic version of the Chiron supercar is seriously intricate with almost 4,000 pieces for you to waste an entire week on. The kit has exactly 3,599 pieces and actually was designed based on input from the French automaker themselves. And this thing isn't small. It measures a full 22 inches long and 9 inches wide when fully assembled. It's a sizeable model with a level of detail and actuation that's pretty mindblowing.

lego bugatti chiron door
The working doors open up to a cabin that's just as intricate as the body.

Under the hood is a W16 engine that has moving pistons, an operational eight-speed gearbox and paddle shifters that move. Even the detailed chassis is based on the real thing and has the Chiron's suspension design. Talk about cool. It also has the same Chiron wheel design, a functioning spoiler that retracts, and that signature Bugatti horsehoe grille. 

man building lego bugatti chiron top view
Just... don't... drop... it.

The rear wing is lowered for high-speed mode with an actual key that's built out of LEGO pieces. The level of detail is shocking and also includes a see-through engine compartment, full set of gauges, working suspension and steering wheel, and even custom Bugatti luggage. Damn, it's nicer than my car, and you can't even drive this one.

lego bugatti chiron rear
Only with a deployable rear wing can you reach those theoretical toy speed records.

No word on how long it will take to build it, but we're guessing it probably takes longer than binge-watching the latest season of The Grand Tour. The LEGO Bugatti Veyron is on sale now here

lego bugatti chiron chassis
Geez. Would you look at that level of detail in the chassis. This is NOT for the impatient.

Note that the Chiron is the first awesome LEGO car out there. They've created some great ones that may not have as many pieces as the Chiron but are nonetheless pretty awesome. 

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

lego porsche 911 gt3 rs
The Porsche 911 GT3 RS looked like the real thing and had a whopping 2,704 pieces. 

The LEGO Porsche 911 GT3 RS comes in blazing orange, true to the original. The highly detailed model has a rear lid with engine and moving pistons, red suspension springs, highly detailed brake calipers, RS rims and low-profile tires, a functioning working gearbox/steering wheel, racing seats, and a glove compartment with a unique serial number. 

24 Hours Race Car

lego le mans racer
The 24 Hours Race Car comes in at a hefty 1,219 pieces.

The 24 Hours Race Car (really a Le Mans LMP1 type vehicle) was one of the most sophisticated versions LEGO ever put out with its V8 engine with moving pistons, opening gull-wing doors, independent suspension, working front steering. Hell, you could even add a real 8293 Power Functions motor and working LED headlights, and actual motorized gullwing doors. It should come as no surprise that it's totally sold out. Damn!

Drag Racer

lego drag racer
The now retired LEGO Drag Racer had only 647 pieces but could be motorized and perform wheelies. Woo hoo!

Some of the LEGO Technic cars were so popular, they sold out quickly, while others were retired ike the Drag Racer. It looks like LEGO is moving toward engineering mroe complicated models with more pieces since their customers are demanding more real-life versions that mimic actual production vehicles. Still, we're definitely in love with some of their original models. 

All-Terrain Tow Truck

lego all terrain tow truck
The Tow Truck could be reconfigured as this cool Research Explorer Vehicle.

The 1,862 piece All-Terrain Tow Truck is easily one of their best and is still on sale. It has movable lights, opening doors. a highly detailed interior, and it even has remote-controlled capability that includes forward and reverse, working front steering, extendable outriggers, and even an operational crane and winch. It's not modeled after any real vehicle, but it's one of our favorites in the Technic line.

Fan-Made LEGO Vehicles

Not all of the best LEGO cars were for sale as kits. In fact, some fans of the LEGO Technic series built their own vehicles using parts cannibalized from other LEGO kits. Here are a few that really stand out. 

Subaru WRX STI

lego subaru wrx sti
This Subaru WRX STI was made by a fan, which makes it that much cooler. 

As difficult as it probably is to build a LEGO Technic model with thousands of pieces, at least they come with instructions and customized pieces. These fan built versions take hundreds of hours of sourcing for the right pieces, as well as a meticulous study of the real vehicle to get details and proportions right, not to mention enough time to dedicate to actually creating it. We're guessing some of these pieces have to be painted.

Batman Camouflaged Tumbler

lego batman tumbler fan made
This camo'd Batman Tumbler from The Dark Knight Rises has working lights and steering. It might be cooler than the black version made by LEGO.

We're guessing some of these pieces have to be painted to make them match the vehicle design/style since not every LEGO piece comes in a variety of colors. And just because the piece looks right for the model these fans are building doesn't mean it will work with other vital pieces. 

BMW E30 M3

lego bmw e30 m3
This fan-made M3 has adjustable seats, a fully adjustable suspension and working steering wheel.

And to cap things off, here's what might just be the ultimate LEGO car ever built, a fan-made Le Mans Porsche racer with an incredible level of detail. WOW!

Porsche 919 Le Mans Hybrid