Audi just pulled the production covers off its flagship SUV, known as the Q8. After numerous renderings and teases, we finally know what this racy crossover looks like. The thing is, we think it bears a strong resemblance to the high-end Bentley Bentayga. The official images show off the Q8 in orange, a very similar color to what's offered on the Bentayga. VW also owns both Audi and Bentley. A coincidence? We think not. 

audi q8 bentley bentayga profiles
Truly brothers from the same mother. The Q8 (top) and the Bentayga (bottom). 

The Q8 is the much-anticipated flagship SUV for the German brand, and even though it's based on the 7-passenger Q7, it's actually lower, shorter, wider than its stablemate. The exterior styling is far more dramatic than the Q7 thanks to the prominent grille, more rakish greenhouse, the full-width LED taillight strip, and the huge 22-inch wheels. If you put it next to the Bentayga (another VW product, just like the Q8), the look is very similar with big wheel arches, sloped rear glass, and a shared body shape.

audi q8 rear 58
The Q8's rear haunches aren't as pronounced as the Bentayga's, but the overall shapes are very similar.

The all-new Q8 also benefits from quattro all-wheel-drive, adaptive air suspension, and an adjustable ground clearance up to a substantial 10 inches. The adjustable system changes based on driving conditions and ranges between 6.5 all the way up to that maximum 10 inches, meaning you can do more than just travel on pavement between the Tiffany store and the country club. The Q8 also has four-wheel steering that provides added maneuverability, a boon for a vehicle of this size.

audi q8 bentley bentayga interiors
The Bentayga interior is more opulent, and the Q8's is more modern, but both have rich diamond quilted seats expected at their higher prices. 

The sumptuous interiors even bear some similarities with their diamond quilted luxury leather seating, four-spoke steering wheels, aluminum sport pedals, and angled center stacks that flows nicely into the center consoles with conventional shift knobs, and an infotainment control knob aft of the shifters and just in front of large center armrests. The looks might be different overall, but there are some similarities that are hard to look past.

audi q8 front 34
The Audi grille is very different from the Bentayga, and it's a bit over the top to us.

The Q8 will no doubt cost much less than the $229,100 base price of the entry-level V8 Bentayga, but both vehicles provide premium materials, edgy styling, and four-season traction. The Q8 will no doubt appeal to a slightly younger (but still affluent) set. The Bentayga imparts a much more upscale ethos thanks to its branding and its bespoke interior. 

Unlike the Bentayga, the Q8 utilizes a 48-volt hybrid setup as the top engine choice, which contains a lithium-ion battery and a belt alternator starter paired with a gasoline engine. V6 and V8 diesels will sell overseas, and the Q8 will go up for sale in Europe later this year with other engine choices (likely for the U.S., since we won't get any diesels) in 2019.