We're just not huge fans of chrome, despite the fact that just about every manufacturer festoons their vehicles with it to make them seem more upscale. Sometimes too much chrome is just too much. Thankfully, someone has answered the call for a more subdued look. GMC just released their Graphite Edition for the Yukon, essentially a blackened trim package that dresses things down beautifully. 

gmc yukon denali graphite front 58
The Graphite Package eschews the bling and goes all Batman on us.

The trim package includes black roof rails, grille, fog light and window trim, as well as 22-inch wheels that you can get blackened along with a performance version that provides a hulking 6.2-liter V8 engine found in the Tahoe RST and Yukon Denali. The trim gives the Yukon a sinister, albeit cleaner look that actually looks more upscale than the Denali with all its chrome. At least we think so.

gmc yukon denali graphite wheels
These 22-inch bad boys can also be clad in black.

The Graphite Edition also adds magnetic suspension on top of the high-performing 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. There's also a 10-speed automatic transmission, a rear axle ratio of 3.23:1, and niceties like a color head-up display, Bose noise cancellation, a 170-amp alternator, and a trailer brake controller for those nervewracking big tow loads. The Graphite Edition can be had with both two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive and on both the Yukon and big brother Yukon XL SLT. 

No pricing has been announced yet, but rumor has it that it will come in under the Yukon Denali's price tag. We're just happy to see the blingy stuff go away. 

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