Say what you will about underpowered convertibles like the Mazda Miata, Subaru BRZ, and the Toyota 86. We happen to adore them simply because they're a blast to drive at any speed. Top down, six-speed manual, tossable chassis, and communicative steering and handling equate to driving pleasures galore. Well, now the Miata (and Miata RF) will get 181 horses (a 26 horsepower bump) with a modest price increase of $435 for the 2019 model. That's pretty much nothing in terms of price increases, and you get more than just additional horses. 

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The RF is simply one of the coolest, least pretentious sports cars in existence.

The current RF is spectacular, but Mazda gives it even more for your money now: a much-needed telescoping steering wheel, new door stops, revised cupholders, new seat levers, a standard rear-view camera, improved seats, and standard 17-inch wheels. That's a lot for just $435 more at the Club trim level with a manual transmission. Hell, we'd pay a grand more just for the 181 horses. Talk about a bargain. 

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Going on sale this August, the 2019 Miata MX-5 RF will sell at $33,240 (including $895 in destination fees) for the Club manual. MSRP for the Grand Touring trim begins at $34,230 with the manual transmission, a price increase of $585 more than the 2018 model. Whatever trim level you choose, you get a crap ton for your money. 

2019 mazda miata rf front wheel

Drive the RF and also get mesmerized by the retractable hardtop mechanism in action. The car is simply wonderful to drive and to watch. The RF is essentially an affordable exotic roadster with built-in reliability, a longstanding brand backing it, and a rich heritage as the best-selling roadster of all time. We think you're getting a serious deal, and we can't wait to tell you how it drives when we get our hands on one.

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