In the pantheon of vintage roadsters, there are precious few that are as special as this vintage 1966 Porsche 911 Bertone Spyder that will go up for sale at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance at Monterey Car Week in California later this month. Not only is the car stunning, only a single car was designed and built by Italian coachbuilder Bertone. One look at this beauty makes its $1 million asking price totally worth it. 

1966 porsche 911 bertone spyder rear 34
That sloping tail section and tonneau cover are automotive artfulness.

The car came to life thanks to a famous California sports car dealer by the name of John von Neumann, Bertone and von Neumann had dreams of making the 911 Spyder as a replacement for the Porsch 356 Speedster, and it would be sold next to the 911 coupe and Targa. The creation of the prototype car was blessed by Porsche, and then it went to the 1966 Geneva Motor Show to get the production nod from Porsche.

1966 porsche 911 spyder steering wheel
Steering wheels don't get much more classic than this four-spoke wood number.

But that never happened because Porsche decided not to go ahead with it because American restrictions on convertibles were more stringent due to safety concerns. What's more, the Spyder would cost substantially more than the Targa. The nail in the coffin was Ferry Porsche's reluctance to have an Italian coachbuilder's name on a German car. The Spyder would never see the production light of day, and hence the only one was ever made, making it truly special in the eyes of collectors, as well as automotive history.

1966 porsche 911 bertone spyder badge
The original Bertone badge shows everyone that this car is special.

The car definitely changed after the Geneva Motor Show. It wound up with a private owner in its original red hue. The engine back then was a 130-horsepower, 2.0-liter flat-six from the base Porsche 911. The car is now painted black and is powered by a 911 S 160-horsepower flat-six. It's currently registered in California and has been driven. It's in very good condition, drivable, and iconic.

The auction firm Gooding & Company says it will sell in a range between $700,000 and $1 million. We think it's worth every penny to the lucky owner.