We'll be honest. We've never liked the Prius. Sure, we respect what it stands for and for its position in the hybrid segment as the unquestionable leader. But we can't get past its poor driving dynamics, annoying hypermiling drivers, and the way it looks. Frankly, it's just ugly as sin. And the proof is in the pudding. Sales are way down to the point where the volume across four Prius models is now half of what they were in 2012. 

toyota prius red front
The fascia of the Prius looks like it's squinting to the point where it's just weird.

Before the end of the year, Toyota will refresh its Prius hybrid to look more conventional, along the lines of the Prius Prime plug-in that's oddly more mainstream in its look but more niche in its segment as a plug-in hybrid. Apparently, the low rent Prius C (which, incidentally, looks nothing like the regular Prius) has surpassed the current Prius hybrid in terms of sales.

toyota prius red rear 58
The rear end is just a mess with the floating roof, strange taillights, and way too many creases.

Reports indicate that Toyota admits the styling has been the car's biggest detriment. It's better to drive than before, and it's more efficient, too. The big difference is the very dramatic styling that's extremely polarizing. Most folks tend not to like the look. Nothing about the car's interior or the mechanics will likely change, but the front end styling will see the major changes. 

toyota prius prime blue
The Prius Prime plug-in hybrid has a more pleasing front end and will provide the basis for the refreshed Prius hybrid.

The rumor is that the Prius will adopt three-cell headlights that are more streamlined, versus the current model's multi-pronged single cell units. But the risk here is a lack of differentiation between the regular hybrid model and the more expensive Prius Prime. We don't know what the refresh will look like, but it will most certainly be very different from the current one and more conventional.

toyota prius interior
It's unlikely that Toyota will revise the interior much, if at all. 

The rather anemic look of the current Prius hybrid will supposedly get bigger intakes, larger foglamp housings, and perhaps a bigger grille). Reports also state the front and rear wheel arches may be more pronounced so as to make the vehicle looks less rear-heavy and bulky. The taillights will get sequential turn signals, but we're not sure if the strange rear design will change. We're guessing the changes that are expected in late 2018 or early 2019 will be better than what currently exists, and that bar is pretty low, in our opinion.

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