We're excited about the impending arrival of the Polestar performance brand, an offshoot of Volvo that once was a standalone coachbuilding outfit that customized Volvos to make them more race-ready, the actual antithesis of how Volvo was viewed by the general public. Polestar has announced what their dealership model will look like in terms of operations, aesthetics, and offerings, and it looks as if they're going to try to change things up a bit, in a very good way.

polestar hq
The Polestar HQ in Torslanda, Sweden is clean and minimalist and sets the tone for dealerships.

There, apparently, won't be any standalone dealerships apart from Volvo. Instead, Polestar COO Jonathan Goodman said current Volvo franchisees can invest in separate Polestar dealerships, which will eventually constitute up to 25 dealerships in the states. What's more, none of the employees will be salespeople who operate on commission. They will be content experts on the Polestar brand, ready to provide crucial information about the cars, their technology, performance, and service.

volvo polestar 1 front 34 grey

Because Polestars are near-exotic premium-level vehicles, customers will expect a high level of service, therefore it's likely that they will be hand delivered to buyers' homes after going through a pre-inspection at the associated Volvo dealership. Servicing Polestars will be similarly high-touch with owners scheduling service via a smartphone app, and their vehicles will be picked up and dropped off. 

volvo polestar 1

And you just can go to Polestar and buy one. After going to the minimalistic dealership where it's all about presentation and education, rather than about the sale, It's a lease arrangement only, and the monthly payment includes a host of features such as insurance and maintenance, and the ability to drive other vehicles from both Polestar and Volvo.

polestar pb
This shot of Polestar admirers at Monterey Car Week shows what things could look like in Polestar's future. 

Polestar also aims to provide the option of having a car waiting for you at a destination airport. They're even looking into renting accessories like roof racks, as well as services like remote cleaning/detailing, and even extended car swaps, all with added pricing to the base lease. We're just glad to see Volvo and Polestar thinking outside the dealership box, which frankly has grown stale and behind the times.