The end is nigh for the once beloved Volkswagen Beetle. We figured it would be just a matter of time before VW pulled the plug on this cute but no longer relevant two-door hatchback and convertible. The Beetle that started with Adolf Hitler's blessing and then transitioned to an American hippie mobile will be no more as of July of 2019. It's official, and we can't say we're sad to see it go. At least it's getting a sendoff in the form of the Beetle Final Edition seen below.

vw beetle coupe and cabrio
The Final Edition gets special treatment, but that doesn't mean it's hanging on.

Whereas there were rumors of the Beetle's impending demise, now there's no question that it will get the automotive guillotine. Volkswagen of America's president and CEO confirmed there are no plans to replace the Beetle with a new model. Though there have been rumors that the electric I.D. line from VW will eventually spawn an electric Beetle, nothing has been even remotely confirmed. So, after 2019, the Beetle is squashed. 

vw beetle final edition parking lot

The 2019 VW Beetle Final Edition will come in both coupe and Cabrio (convertible) forms at both SE and SEL (top trim) levels for both versions. The cars will get special paint: Safari Uni (beige, above right) and Stonewashed Blue (above left). They do have some meaning in that they're the same colors as the ones offered on the 2003 Final Edition Beetles. If those aren't your cup of tea, Final Editions will also be available in white, black and gray. 

vw beetle final edition cabrio blue top down

The SE gets special17-inch multispoke wheels, and the SEL has retro-style 18-inch wheels with white painted accents, very fancy, indeed. Turbo models replace the "Turbo" badging on the back with "Beetle". We're not sure we like that change as if bystanders won't know what car it is just from looking at it. Interiors get special diamond quilting (cloth and leatherette on SE models, leather on SEL). 

vw beetle final edition interior
See? You don't have to get a Bentley to have diamond-quilted seats.

If you were hoping for power increases... in your dreams. No way VW would spend money on a new mill in an outgoing model. The cars get a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. As a nice goodbye, these versions cost quite a bit less than similarly outfitted non special edition Beetles. The Beetle Final Edition SE's base price is $23,940 for the coupe, while the convertible starts at $28,190. 

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