In the world of pickup trucks, there are high-end fancy pickups like the GMC Sierra, and then there are more hardcore versions like the RAM 2500 Power Wagon. But if you want to really stand out, build a fully electric one that's styled like a bank vault and has the most interesting way to load cargo. The brand new Bollinger Motors B2 electric pickup truck is just about as unique as it gets, and photos have just dropped. 

bollinger b2 pickup rear 34
In an age of overstyled pickups, the B2 is no-nonsense handsome.

Bollinger Motors is located in New York state and specializes in rugged, fully-electric vehicles mean to offer both efficiency, as well as utility. Their B1 sport utility vehicle is in testing right now, and they've upped the models to 2 by creating the new B2 pickup truck. Both vehicles boast dual electric motors, all-wheel drive, hydropneumatic suspension, in-wheel portal gear hubs, a 120 kWh battery pack, huge cargo space that includes a patented pass-through door for long items. More on that in a bit. bollinger pickup profileThe B2 gets a 120kWh battery pack that drives two motors in front and rear, which provide 360 hp via portal axles for serious clearance. Aside from the cool boxiness of the B2, as well as the pure electric power, the biggest standout is the trucks payload configuration. They 49x69 inch truck bed actually has a flip down internal tailgate, making it possible to load full sheets of plywood as long as the rear glass is opened. All-in-all, the B2 can handle 5,000 pounds of towing, and longer items can pass all the way through the vehicle since the battery and motors are all below the load floor.

bollinger pickup rear 34 top
It's not just ruggedly handsome, this thing is meant to be a workhorse.

Bollinger Motors founder, CEO, and head designer Robert Bollinger stated, "The new B2 incorporates everything that we've learned in making the B1, and takes it in an exciting new direction. It's always been the plan to have both the B1 and B2 start off our lineup. Now that we have so much incredible data from testing our B1 prototype, we can put all of that engineering knowledge into our final four-door B1 and B2 vehicles. It's the pickup I always wanted and something crazy better than what's available on the market today."

bollinger pickup top load view
Longer items can be stored in the full length of the B2. Just secure them, and don't brake too hard.

Bollinger is currently taking reservations for the B2, and production will start in 2020. There, of course, will be more details provided in terms of standard features, options, and pricing. We love that electric power is making it possible to revolutionize the pickup truck in terms of both efficiency and cargo capacity. This is one EV we can get behind.