One look at this standout at this year's SEMA show, the 1,000 horsepower Dodge Super Charger and both Dominic Toretto and Mad Max might pee their pants out of sheer excitement. A joint effort between Doge and Mopar parts, this new custom creation celebrates the Charger's 50th anniversary with what seems to be the coolest version ever made and quite possibly one of coolest cars to lay down rubber on pavement.

hellephant  top front 58
What was once cool in 1968 is utterly spectacular in 2018. 

As brutally handsome as the exterior is, the real show-stealer is what's under the hood, the new "Hellephant" engine that's a version of the original 1968 car's 426-cubic-inch Hemi V8. The engine is actually the new Hemi V8 but tacks on a supercharger that combine to provide the Super Charger with an earth-shattering 1,000 horsepower and 950 lb-ft of torque. The good news that buyers who want to shoehorn this in a project car can buy it as a crate engine. 

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hellephant engine
The Hellephant engine looks tame here, but unleash it and all hell really will break loose.

Though there are no details on the levels of performance, the Super Charger has the guts to likely do 0-60 in the low 3-second range and eat up the quarter mile in about 10 seconds. It's a car that's built for drag racing and outright speed, and there's no question it'll pretty much roast any other car out there, shy of vehicles like the Bugatti Chiron.

hellephant rear 58

The exterior matches what's underneath with its stealthy grey and black paint scheme, full-width box grille with headlights brilliantly situated behind it (they shine right through). The Super Charger has been lowered 2.5 inches, and the body is now 4 inches wider thanks to massive wheel well flares. The tire width should be able to manage the power with 305mm versions in back and 315 in front for a staggered setup. 

hellphant profile

What you may not immediately notice about the Super Charger is the lengthened wheelbase by a full two inches. It reduces the look of the front and rear overhangs from the original car. What's more are the exhaust ports which exit out the taillights. The round shape of the taillights are kept, and the Super Charger makes use of pipes from the Alfa Romeo Stelvio performance crossover. The result is one of the coolest setups we've seen in a long time. 

hellephant pipes
Those are some seriously hot brake lights. 

Nothing has been spared in making this a performance and style statement by Dodge. The rain rails have been smoothed out on the roof to keep things slick, the vented windows from the original car have been removed, and the fuel door now has the cool Hellephant badge that matches the one on the steering wheel. Muted matte gold wheels round out the exterior style and add a bit of flair on an otherwise dark exterior.

hellephant interior

Though we don't have many interior shots, the style is muted and dark but still very attractive. The rear seat is now gone, and there's an understated but purposeful roll cage. The steering wheel, front seats, and the six-speed manual transmission are all from the now-defunct Dodge Viper. Their use seems appropriate not just to diminish waste but because the Viper's components can handle the power and performance of the Super Charger. 

We can't imagine a cooler concept car out there right now, and the Super Charger shows what FCA is capable of doing. There's no way anything like this will go into production (FCA already has the Hellcat and the Demon), and that's too bad. If money were no object, we'd buy it in a heartbeat. 

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