It seems not that long ago that Tesla was getting pummeled in the press because of its languishing Model 3 production and hiccups in the company. Well, most of that has seemed to change lately now that the Model 3 is now the best-selling sedan in America. It's also, apparently, no longer having the claimed shipping problems that were holding up customer deliveries. 

tesla model 3 red
If you just decided you want one, you don't have to wait long at all. 

Elon Musk just tweeted some very surprising news that delivery times are down to a mere four weeks. So, if you ordered on by the end of November, you'd have one in your driveway by December 31st. Talk about shocking. Hell, it takes longer to get a BMW 3-Series outfitted the way you want. This is big news.

The claim that shippers were backed up was a bit weird since the shipping companies, themselves, denied any such issue. Musk said Tesla was going to build its own trucks, which was also weird. But apparently, Musk now says, "We bought some trucking companies & secured contracts with major haulers to avoid trucking shortage mistake of last quarter." He's no longer even using rail-to-truck but truck-to-customer directly. It saves them a month, or at least that's the word. 

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For those customers who were on a near two-year waiting list, this news might be a bit painful. Of course, they had the bragging rights that they were the first to take delivery and the first to be part of an electric car innovation wave as early adopters. But the fact that buyers only have to wait a month has to sting just a little bit. It is, however, good news for those who are just deciding to get one now. 

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