Lamborghini is known for making special editions of their already insane automobiles, and the Aventador gets its latest special edition in what's known as the Squadra Corse SC18 Alston. Squadra Corse is the special racing division, and the SC18 Alston builds on the track-ready Aventador SVJ.  As if that 770-horsepower downforce monster wasn't enough, Lambo takes things up a notch.

lamborghini sc18 alston front 58
Red, black, and grey make for one serious-looking V12 beast. 

The SC18 Alston is also meant for serious track duty and provides even more downforce than the SVJ. The SC18 is shockingly street-legal but borrows aero elements like the huge hood intakes from the radical Huracán GT3 EVO race car. The side and rear fenders, the fins and the scoops were inspired by another special edition car, the Huracán Super Trofeo EVO. The big, complex wing comes from the Veneno, and the taillights come from the Centenario. It really is a family affair. 

lamborghini sc18 alston rear 34
We're hard-pressed to think of a more creased and vented vehicle on the planet.

Though the SC18 houses the same powertrain as the SVJ, it's by no means a shrinking violet. That V12 is 6.5-liters of displacement that churns out 770 horsepower and 531 lb-ft of torque. The engine cover has 12 big and beautiful vents to cool the engine 12 vents, and the engine has a new, sonorous exhaust system meant to let everyone within earshot know what lies beneath.

lamborghini sc18 alston rear top 58

The special bodywork is pure carbon fiber that's strong and light. There are red accents everywhere that match the tires and wheels, and those huge 20" wheels are shod with custom Pirelli P Zero performance tires. Inside, the specially treated cabin there are huge swaths of Nero Ade Alcantara with red stitching and rigid, supportive carbon fiber bucket seats. 

lamborghini sc18 alston rear

This is a singularly special car since it was commissioned by a very well-off customer who asked for this from the folks at Lambo. We're guessing the anonymous customer is a huge track-hound who wants the best. No word on the price of this special car, but our guess is that it cost well north of the SVJ's near-$1 million price tag. Lucky bastard.