When a balls-out Nissan GT-R Nismo isn't crazy enough for you, better look to Italdesign's version of the Japanese supercar. The GT-R50 Concept is now in production flesh with the reveal of the actual Nissan GT-R50 show here in bold blue and gold. It's official, and Nissan is now taking orders for the very limited and VERY expensive GT-R50. Rich buyers will be happy to know not much has changed from the visually arresting concept car. 

italdesign nissan gtr50
The production GT-R50 is just as swept back and radical as the concept, thank goodness.

This time, instead of the black and gold colorway, the production model uses blue and gold in its debut to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original Nissan GT-R. The process to build that actual vehicle is painstaking and awesome to behold. See the video below:

We're guessing you can have the original colorway via customization. Now, hold onto your horses since the price is actually higher than originally planned. The base price for the GT-R50 is $1,126,799, and that's just the base price. You can, of course, add a bunch of stuff to send that price even higher. 

italdesign nissan gtr50 concept
Like a racy Duracell battery, this gold/black hue of the GT-R50 Concept is stunning.

That price is $100K more than was originally planned, but we're guessing it's worth it. The new car is based on the GT-R but receives its own original bodywork that's lower and wider. There are also those crazy floating taillights that jut out from the rear fascia rather than being set into it. The bold front fascia with the large hood, signature turbo vents, and the swept back LED headlights give it a uniquely aggressive look. 

italdesign nissan gtr350 profile

The GT-R50 uses the same 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 as the GT-R Nismo, but those turbos get replaced by the GT-R GT3 race car's version, sending the GT-R50's power to 710 (from 600) and the torque to 575 lb-ft (from 481). That's a crap ton of power in a car that was already fast, to begin with before the power bump.

italdesign nissan gtr50 rear 34

But there's more than just additional power under the hood. The car also gets stronger differentials and axles that can take the additional power going down to all four wheels. For stopping power, the GT-R50 also benefits from more powerful six-piston Brembo brakes and four-pistons in the back. Active dampers from Bilstein round things out. This thing should prove to be an eager track monster, if the rich owners dare thrash it on weekends. 

italdesign nissan gtr50 cabin
The big sport racing seats should hold you in just fine, and the cabin has plenty of black Alcantara. 

We love the more luxurious interiors of the retweaked GT-R, but the GT-R50 ups the game with more aggressive seats, huge swaths of Alcantara suede, and a revised instrument panel. Not much has changed from the original car's overall look, but the seats, door panels, and dash look more upscale and better styled than the GT-R's. 

italdesign nissan gtr50 seats

A mere 50 examples of the GT-R50 will be built, and they're likely spoken for already if we're guessing correctly. It's an opportunity to get a hold of a truly special automobile that started life as a concept but received high praise and high demand to justify its build. Here's your chance to get a really incredible automobile that should show up just about any other car out there. 

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