The fact that the Mustang is the sole surviving passenger car (non-SUV/crossover/truck) in Ford's 2019 lineup is a testament to its staying power. Now, a Russian company is taking a vintage fastback Mustang and turning into one of the coolest EVs we've ever seen. It's called the Aviar R67 (as an homage to the 1967 Mustang), and it's just gorgeous. Too bad it looks like it's only a rendering right now. 

avian r67 road
The R67 looks positively mean, futuristic, and retro all at the same time. 

The R67 has that famous "Eleanor" fastback shape but modern styling cues that add some futurism to the mix. Avian makes some serious claims that sound almost hard to believe. 0-62 mph would arrive n 2.2 seconds, a top speed of 155 mph, and a 315-mile range on a single charge. The issue seems to be that a vintage Mustang isn't exactly great in terms of aerodynamics, which would hinder great gas mileage and a rather high top speed. Oh, and the R67 would also get all-wheel drive, which would actually be more than feasible given a two motor set-up (front and rear axles). 

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aviar r67 rear 34

Aviar also claims they would build the chassis out of aluminum and carbon fiber, and the entire body would be made from carbon fiber, making it very light and very stiff. The car would also have a deployable rear spoiler for added downforce for high-speed stability. The R67 would also benefit from an adjustable air suspension that could move 2.9 inches (we're not sure why that number was chosen) and, no doubt, help attain higher speeds.

aviar r67 rear top 34

The interior is about as shocking as the specs since it looks nothing like a vintage Mustang interior and totally unlike the current Mustang's rather busy setup. The first thing you notice is the giant 17-inch touchscreen, and then there's the overall simplicity of the interior design. Huge two-tone leather seats and clean, linear dash surfaces predominate, as well as what appears to be high-grade plastics and brushed aluminum trim.  

aviar r67 window

The company also makes the claim that they will pipe in artificial engine sounds to the cabin to replicate the classic Shelby GT500 and its boisterous 7.0-liter V8. That's going to be interesting, especially since the car will essentially be silent on the outside. We're hoping this can be switched off.

aviar r67 interior
We've been waiting for the Mustang's interior to get redone. Voila! Minimalism and a giant screen. 

There's no word on the car's price, nor is there any word as to when a real prototype or actual production version will be unveiled. There seem to be a number of hurdles to get over in order to do so, but we're excited about the possibility. The R67 presents a beautiful retro-futuristic option for EVs. Whether or not it will come to fruition remains to be seen. What kind of world will it be when a Russian company uses a classic American pony car for an electric car? A cool one, if it actually happens. 

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