In surprising news, it looks like Lincoln was "dead" serious about their suicide door Continental revival based on last week's tweet we reported. Yep, they built one. It's called the Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition. That's a lot of name for what is quite a bit of car. This commemorative limo is based on the current Continental but adds length, luxury, and two 1965 Continental homage-style rear doors that swing backward to reveal a truly luxurious back seat area.

lincoln continental coach edition rear door open

Lincoln takes a top-trim Black Label model and then sends it to Cabot Coach Builders in Massachusetts. The body is then elongated per the specs designed and engineered by Lincoln including all the suicide door components and all related aspects of the change. Cabot simply handles the fabrication of the Lincoln-made components. It's a special car that Lincoln has gone out of the way to create, but it's by no means mass production. It's a special coach build that warrants a higher price tag.

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lincoln continental coach edition rear door deployed
The doors add uniqueness and a regal air that's not present on the standard Continental. 

There's an additional six inches of room between the wheels, and Lincoln claims best-in-class legroom, as a result. The rear seats are truly opulent, and the center seat position that once existed is now replaced by a big electronic and storage console befitting limo riders who want the very best. 

lincoln continental coach edition doors closed
The added length really does make the Lincoln look better than ever. 

Rear passengers can control climate and electronics, as well as conduct business on a deployable tray table and tablet holder. Nothing looks like an afterthought, and that's a good thing. The rear seating area fits the space incredibly well considering it takes a standard Continental and makes it a true limousine with creature comforts expected of a car like this. 

lincoln continental coach edition rear seats

The beautiful frame-integrated door handles from the Continental are still there, but the rear ones now reside right next to the front door handles. The result is that they look more cohesive and artful. The rear doors will actually open like true suicide doors, pushing all the way out to 90 degrees for easy ingress/egress.

lincoln continental coach edition rear door open

And just like the Rolls-Royce versions, these suicide doors have structurally safe pillar between the doors due to crash standards., so privileged owners need not worry. The new limo will also get crash tested to put owners at ease. And speaking of owners, they'll likely choose to be driven rather than drive. Pulling up to a shmancy restaurant will surely turn heads as your chauffeur opens those big, beautiful rear-hinged doors and you saunter out in the sea of common folk.

lincoln continental coach edition doors open

The new Coach Edition will get the Continental's more powerful optional 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6, which puts down 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. Only 80 versions of the new car will be made for 2019 and possibly a few more for the year after. Only the fate of the actual Continental will determine what will happen to this special version. It's an interesting way to put life into a dying model, but Lincoln certainly has our attention. Look for a price of around $100K, about $30K more than the car it's based on. Deliveries will happen mid-next year. 

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