BMW makes some of the fastest, most technologically advanced cars in the business, infused with twin-turbocharged horsepower, opulent interior materials, and superb safety measures. But if you dial back the clock a bit, you get the magic of automotive purity. Today, we're pointing you to a fully restored and singularly rare BMW 1600 GT Convertible that's now in perfect condition... and just happens to be the only one the planet. 

bmw 1600gt top down
From tip to toe, this 1600 GT is perfect, and there's only one left on the face of the earth.

The fact that BMW let a bunch of their young apprentices restore this car is remarkable primarily because this is the only surviving 1600 GT Convertible left. A mere two were built, a roadster commissioned by Italian Ghia and Maserati designer Pietro Frua. One of the cars was destroyed in a crash while testing, and that left only one other model. Such a special project required the use of careful and skilled hands, so it's hard to fathom why BMW used its youngest and not its most experienced. 

bmw 1600gt crew

The car was actually built in BMW's Dingolfing facility, and that's exactly where it was brought back to be restored. The restoration took many years, and the apprentices were supervised, directed, and trained by a team of seasoned BMW restoration professionals. The convertible was restored to its original factory condition with no expense or materials spared. Even the coloring matched the original car's inside and out. What might seem like a conservative style gets dressed up with red seats and a matching red cloth top. 

bmw 1600 gt top view

Though the car is one of a kind, BMW Group Classic was able to help restore the bodywork, and they were also able to use BMW original parts or craft their own replica parts to fit the 1600 GT.  The process was clearly painstaking but worth every effort and every penny spent. The result is stunning, but more importantly, it's an irreplaceable part of automotive history that most people don't even know about... until now. 

bmw 1600gt interior

bmw 1600gt gauges

bmw 1600 gt apprentices
Here's the team that brought this singular classic back from the dead. They should be proud. 

So, what will happen to this now perfect vintage Bimmer? Well, it won't go into the hands of a single owner and likely will never be driven beyond showroom or museum movement. It will be kept in BMW Group Classic's collection where other rare and classic BMWs reside (photo below). May it rest in this protected state for the world to enjoy without fear of being wrecked.

bmw group classic collection