Think it's time the Nissan 370Z got an overhaul? Well, we agree with you since the Japanese sports car has been around for a decade with nary a significant update to speak of. Well, Nissan answered the call but not in the way you might have imagined. They took the droptop version and built the snow-ready Nissan 370Zki concept to hammer the ski slopes of Idaho for one of the most ridiculous builds we've seen in, well, ever.

370zki profile
There are no conventional wheels to speak of, just Sno-Cat-like tracks and a serious lift.

The 370Zki (pronounced 370 ski) is clearly the answer to a question no one asked. Nissan ripped the wheels and suspension out of the 370Z Roadster and added skis and four-foot long, 15-inch wide sno-ready tracks built by American Track Truck. And if that wasn't enough, they gave it an eye-searing hot orange graphic body wrap, as if you'd have a hard time spotting this thing in the first place.

The car gets lifted three more inches to accommodate the rear tracks, and the front suspension provides ski rotation and articulation. There's more stuff underneath to keep all the guts in place, including custom engine, spring, and transmission mounts, real skid plates to manage moguls and such, and new a exhaust fitment. Even the brake lines were moved to make sure they don't get beat to snot while the 370Zki flies down (or up) the runs.

The transmission is a 7-speed automatic, so you can worry more about dodging pine trees and less about working three pedals and manually shifting, though we imagine that setup would still be more fun. What you get is a totally radical convertible (that really doesn't make much sense when it's freezing outside and snow is flying up at you from the rear tracks) that can manage ski slopes like a Yeti on steroids. 

370zki driving
We're guessing none of these add-ons are covered by a factory warranty.

The 370Zki, of course, is a one-off creation that will never see the light of production, but the fact that Nissan can take the time to build one is pretty cool, even though the actual production car sits there aging like a retiree in a barcalounger, waiting for a second chance at life. See the car/snowmobile at the upcoming 2018 Chicago Auto Show.

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