A few short weeks ago, we got a look at the front of what appeared to be the production Toyota Supra sports coupe, and what a treat that was. Once again, the folks at SupraMkV has gotten a hold of two full body shots of the front and rear three-quarters in bold red. The car looks showroom ready, and the look is true to the first leaked shot from the back of a transporter. We're pretty excited about it, especially if this is what we'll see on the streets.

toyota supra red rear 34
Bold styling elements like the twin-bubble roof and the rear spoiler look truly racy. 

The photos showed up over email updates from SupraMkV to users regarding Toyota Germany. So, there's no word on whether or not these are actually from Toyota or not. Since there's been no official reveal for the new sports car, this can't be verified. But one look at the photos, and it seems true to form based on what we've seen of the cloaked version in photos. The shape is the same, as are the styling details.

toyota supra cloaked

Even if it is an unofficial rendering, it's a pretty good one. The proportions are right, as are the details like the rear haunches, the black side mirrors, the shape of the headlights, and the rear wheel vents. Again, it's highly doubtful that the shots came from Toyota since the car won't officially show up until the Detroit Auto Show this month, but it gives us the best taste so far of what the car will look like.