We're almost shocked that the Toyota 86 and its sister car, the Subaru BRZ, are still for sale here in the states were crossovers, SUVs, and pickups rule the market. But the 86 is a special car that still sits pretty in the hearts and minds of driving enthusiasts. Modestly powered and as precise in its driving dynamics as the day is long, the 86 is a fun car without the kind of horsepower to land you in jail. Now, the brand has clad the thing in stunning British Racing Green in what's called the Toyota 86 British Green Limited special edition.

toyota 86 green front 58
Bestill our beating hearts. That's one seriously gorgeous car.

It's amazing how much a color change can transform a car. The 86 is already well-proportioned and nicely styled with its long hood and slanting fastback. Add BRG (British Racing Green) to the mix, and suddenly the car looks like it belongs at a Concours exhibition. Normally found on UK-sourced cars, the paint job looks fantastic here. But there's more than just the green to dress matters up.

toyota86 green rear

The 86 gets special rally-style bronze wheels that contrast perfectly with the rest of the car. These 10-spoke beauties allow red Brembo brakes (standard) to peek through nicely, as well. There's also a black spoiler with matching green winglets at the ends, which cap off the exterior just about perfectly. 

toyota 86 green interior

Step inside, and the special treatment continues. Toyota gave this edition tan leatherette (no leather, sadly), but at least the black inserts are grippy Alcantara suede. There's also contrast stitching everywhere to amp up the sportiness. They show up on the steering wheel, shift boot, parking brake handle, dashboard, and the seats. And if you didn't notice at first, the infotainment system is gone in order to focus on the driving. Eh, the system wasn't that great, to begin with. 

86 green dash

The car is only available in Japan, thus the right-hand drive setup. There's no word on pricing (not that it would help our situation). We'd love to see an 86 this nice in America, and there's no doubt it would sell remarkably well based on the coloring alone. The 86 sold here goes to show us Toyota loves us. The BRG version for Japan only shows that they just don't LOVE us. 

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